Week 7: Time, Cargo & Flight Plan

MRJT PerfAnother week of living the dream is complete! I have reached a point in the training where I have well and truly ‘hit the wall’ and I have to remind myself why I am putting myself through the ground school training. When I think of how many people (me included) have a childhood dream of becoming a pilot and then think of the pain we are going through at the moment, studying over 12 hours a day and constantly having new material thrown at us, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although it is difficult the light is starting to appear…. with only 2 weeks left of ground school teaching, 4 weeks until our EASA exams and only 7 weeks until we fly to Phoenix to start the exciting parts of the training!

MAN ApproachDuring the week we also finished a few subjects, which is quite scary because it means we are close to exams! We finished Air Law and started to look at a few past exam papers… putting the whole syllabus in perspective. In Gen Nav we finished looking at time and time zone calculations, which was the final chapter of the syllabus! In Ops we finished looking at special procedures which includes bird strikes, security and ditching – again this brought us to the end of the syllabus. In flight planning we finished the charts section of the Jeppesen, which now only leaves us with flight plans and a few little bits before we finish. In Performance we continued looking at the specifics of the jet transport aircraft, in particular the take-off and climb segments of flight. In mass and balance we looked at cargo loading and how this can affect the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

Ground School LessonOutside of class the workload has ramped up again and I have created myself a revision schedule to focus my attention each evening and make sure each subject is given the time it needs.

Next week is the penultimate week of classroom studies before things are going to get a bit more exciting!


Week 14 (2) – Study Leave

Met AltimetryThis post is coming a little late because its been a busy few days. I am currently in Week 15 and sitting my EASA exams. So far I have sat Aircraft General Knowledge (Systems/Electrics/Engines) and Instrumentation – so far its all going well. I won’t go into detail as I’ll ruin my post for next week!

Not much to say about the rest of week 14. I was on study leave so back in London studying 14 hours a day for 9 days. Having already sat my EASA’s once before it was much easier to structure my revision over the course of the week. With the new e-exam system the CAA give  you a report with the areas you need to improve, having this was really useful for structuring my revision. I made sure to spend a large amount of time go over and over (and over) the areas in my report to make sure that I didn’t get tripped up my them again. By the end of the week I was sitting practice exams and scoring highly – hopefully this will continue into my EASA’s!

LondonOn Sunday I went back to Oxford earlier than usual (once I had watched an amazing Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer). Hopefully the extra 2 months of studying will have paid off and I can pass the exams second time round!


London Skyline

Week 14 – Study Leave 2

This week has been pretty dull in terms of writing a blog post so I’ll keep this one brief.

Me and AmyAfter last weeks school finals we were back on study leave this week preparing for our phase 1 EASA exams in week 15.  The weekend was nice and relaxed! On Saturday I spent the day with Amy trying not to think about studying before I returned to my books for a ‘light’ study session on Sunday. We went for a lovely walk through Oxleys woods to see the newly growing bluebells. In the evening we went for a nice dinner at the O2 in North Greenwich.


Bluebells I went back to Oxford late on Sunday night as we were timetabled for a day of debriefs on Monday. The debriefs were pretty straight forward and were useful to see the areas I need to concentrate on for the next set of exams (and my study leave). The rest of the week was similar to my last study leave; up at 7.30am and studying from 8.30am until 9.30pm. There is a lot more material to get through for the EASA exams so this week has been pretty intense. I have also gone through stages of feeling happy and confident with the exams and feeling like I am going to fail – I guess most people feel the same this close to such important exams. Fingers crossed for a successful week and then I can look forward to my well deserved week of leave!