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Jet Training, MCC/JOC & The End


IMG_3740That’s it! After 2 years, 14 theory exams, 6 progress tests, 2 flying exams, 175 flight hours, 41 sim hours and 40 hours in the Boeing 737, I have finished my training at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and leave as a qualified Commercial Airline Pilot.
The final three weeks of training was the Multi-Crew (MCC)/Jet Orientation (JOC) training. This section of the course is flown int he full motion Boeing 737-400 simulator and is intended to introduce IMG_3741us the jet flying and operating as a two person crew (everything up until now has been flown as a single pilot).
The first week of the course is
ground school and covers crew resource management (CRM) and aircraft systems. The CRM section is relatively relaxed with lots of videos, many of which involving accidents that could have been prevented. The systems section of the week is a bit more intense, looking at the checklists, cockpit flow, quick reference handbook (QRH) and mass, balance and performance calculations. After 4 days in the classroom we are ready for our first mission in the 737.

FullSizeRenderMonday morning was an early start (as was the rest of the week) for MCC/JOC 1. Every day of the MCC/JOC course we are in the sim for 4 hours, split into two sessions. For one session you act as pilot flying and the other as pilot monitoring. The first week was mainly getting used to the aircraft with a few minor faults thrown in every now and again. Week 2 was much more in depth with full route flying with much more severe problems thrown in such as a rapid decompression and engine fires.

The two weeks of flying came and went very quickly and after an early flight on Friday 22nd January I had finished my training and graduated from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. I have had an incredible two years which at times has been massively challenging but overall very rewarding. When I started writing this blog I intended to document my journey through my training, which is now complete. As I now begin the job hunt and secure my first position as a First Officer I will possibly keep this blog up to date through selection, type rating and initial training.

Thanks for reading!

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