5th January – FIRST SOLO

First So

First day back after the christmas holidays, first flight of 2015 and first solo!

I started the day with a dual flight with my instructor, which includes 4 full circuits to make sure I am still flying safely, my instructor then jumped out of the aircraft and I went up for another circuit on my own.

What an experience it was! It felt equally exciting and terrifying to be left alone with an aircraft after I’ve only been flying for two months. Once I started to taxi away from the school line all of the nerves disappeared and I really enjoyed the rest of the flight! I should be doing lots more solo flying over the coming weeks.


11 thoughts on “5th January – FIRST SOLO

  1. Congratulations! It IS as a big a moment as you think – and you SHOULD feel as proud as you do. But did you talk to yourself?? (They say everyone talks to themselves.)

  2. Props spinning for you buddy!

  3. Teddy Soongswang

    Great post! Your blog has really inspired and motivated me to get into CAE Oxford.

    I will be doing the skills assessment this Monday. Wish me luck!

    • Thanks Teddy!

      Good luck on Monday. Let me know if you need any advice.

      • Teddy Soongswang


        What would your advice be for the group exercise? And how about the coordination part of the compass test?

        Many thanks,


      • For compass just stay relaxed…. make sure you read all of the instructions so that you understand exactly what you need to do.
        For the group exercise make sure you contribute to the group but don’t dominate…. I was the time keeper for mine which i think was the best role to take!

      • Teddy Soongswang

        Alright, cheers. Thank you for your advice.

      • Let me know how it goes!

      • Teddy Soongswang

        Hi I managed to pass all the modules apart from the group exercise where I failed by 2 points. I’ve been asked to come back in 3 months just to redo the group exercise. Apparently I didn’t do A bad job for 17-year-old!

      • Thats a shame but at least you have time to think about it before you go back…. I didn’t get in first time either and neither did a lot of people.

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