Week 2: Climbing, Descending and Take-Off

UK Chart CroppedAnother week of flying around the Oxford countryside complete. I have now been living in Oxford for just over 9 months and you never can truly appreciate what is around you until you see it from above. At this point I would love to share some images with you taken from the aircraft however we are, unfortunately, not allowed to take any pictures from the aircraft during flight.

On Monday I flew G-MPLD for AP4 – ‘Straight and Level Part 2’. In this lesson we looked at keeping the aircraft straight and level whilst introducing different stages of flap and different power settings. As well as following the general lesson format we are also adding in more and more radio calls and pre-flight checks.
On Tuesday we came in early as the weather forecast was looking good, unfortunately the forecast was wrong! The airfield was foggy all morning and once the fog lifted the cloud base lowered so we decided it was too dangerous to fly.

FullSizeRender-6On Wednesday I flew G-MPLC for AP5 – ‘Climbing, Descending and Medium Turns’. As part of the climbing element of the lesson I also flew the take-off and climb out from the airport. The take-off was quite a bit harder than I expected it to be. We had quite a strong crosswind so the aircraft was constantly trying to turn on the runway. Holding the aircraft level whilst monitoring the speed for rotation is a tough…. I am told with practice it becomes a lot easier. The rest of the lesson was also pretty tough due to the quantity to cover in such a short amount of time. Keeping an eye on the aircraft instruments whilst battling with the British weather and monitoring the radios is tiring!
On Wednesday evening the whole course went in to Whitney to Chequers Smokehouse to attempt a burger challenge. What a challenge it is! The burger is a 14oz burger topped with pulled pork, beef brisket, chilli, bacon, cheese, onion rings and salad. The burger bun was bigger than my head and alongside is coleslaw and fries. To complete the challenge you have to eat the whole thing – only 10 people have ever finished it! I didn’t manage to finish mine but i felt i gave it a good go!

On Thursday, feeling slightly funny after the burger, I flew G-MPLA for AP6 – ‘Climbing, Descending and Steep Turns’. After a slightly better take-off and climb out we moved on to look at emergency descents. This isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done in an aircraft, pitching the nose to the ground, but good to know how to do it.

On Friday the weather was bad again so we didn’t fly. I drove back to London around midday ready for another relaxing weekend!


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