Week 11 & 12: Study Leave & Phase 2 EASA’s

Throughout my training at OAA I have made weekly posts, however due to the work load over the last two weeks I didn’t get chance to post. Therefore this post is two weeks in one!

Week 11

IMG_1400Week 11 was study leave for our phase 2 EASA exams. We finished school on Thursday of the previous week which gave me a full 10 days of studying ahead of the exams. I split my day into four sections to ensure that I covered every subject over the course of two days to make sure every subject stayed fresh in my mind. By the end of the week I felt confident with most subjects and ready to face a week of exams.

Week 12

This is the week I have been gearing up for over the entire of phase 2. The exam schedule was pretty good with two exams a day over the course of four days in total. Monday was Mass and Balance and Flight Planning, both of which went smoothly. Tuesday was Performance and Operational Procedures, Performance was tricky and I wasn’t feeling too confident when I left the exam room. Wednesday was Air Law and General Navigation and we finished the week with Radio Navigation on Thursday. After the final exam we were called in to a meeting with OAA’s centre manager – i will explain more about this later.

IMG_1404That evening we all went in to Oxford with some of our instructors – it was great to see everyone relaxed having finished all of our ground school exams… now we just had to wait foe our results!

On Friday i didn’t have to wait long for my results as they started coming through at 8.30am. Unfortunately i didn’t pass all of the exams… I failed Air Law which was the hardest exam. I passed everything else with an average of 86%.  I phoned OAA immediately to discuss my results and was given the opportunity to resit the exam during my week of leave and therefore it will not delay my flight training.

IMG_1399After our exams we had a meeting with OAA’s centre manager to discuss a few issues that had arisen with our flight training. Due to unforeseen circumstances the flight training centre in Phoenix is experiencing severe delays to flight training and in order to relieve some of the pressure OAA have asked for 14 volunteers from my course to complete all of the flighting training in Oxford. I have therefore decided to complete my training in Oxford!

Next week is the first step of our flight training with Flight Safety training.


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