Week 5 – Lambert, Jeppesen & Radar

This week signalled the half way point of Phase 2 (School finals in week 10) and the end of our test 2’s. This is the point of the course where the studying needs to step up!

MAN ApproachThis week we had our test 2’s in Mass and Balance, General Navigation, Operational Procedures, Aircraft Performance and Flight Planning – all of the results are good with room to improve in almost every subject. Its really useful at this stage to see the areas that need extra work and all to see the types of question we can expect in the final exams.

The rest of the week was business as usual! In Performance we continued to look at the specific performance qualities of the single engine piston (SEP), which included lots of graph work in the CAP. In Law we started looking at the specifics of Aerodrome design, in Ops we began the rules of flying across the Atlantic – which is completely different to any other rules in aviation. In Radio Nav we kicked off the next big topic,  looking at Radar, specifically ground radar and secondary surveillance radar (transponders). In Gen Nav we moved on to our second chart, the Lambert Conical Conformal – with Gen Nav you apply the same theory to every chart so this isn’t as complicated as it may seem. In Flight Planning we finished fuel planning with a quick look at the LRJT (Long Range Jet Transport – Airbus A330) and moved on to our Jeppesen route manual. The Jeppesen contains lots of maps and charts that you would use for planning a flight, although our manual is only a training resource it is still really useful to get your head around the charts I’ll be using for the rest of my life.

Jeppesen ManualThis week was also the end of ground school for AP359 which means we are now the most senior course in ground school and even more daunting we are the next to finish! This week also saw a few EASA re-sits and therefore everyone on my old course (AP358) have now passed ground school and will be heading to Phoenix next week – I’m not jealous…. honest!

ED-6This weekend is a bank holiday so a great opportunity to catch up on my studying and to have some time to myself away from the text books. On Friday night I had a very nice dinner with Amy and an evening of TV with all of my text books staying in my bag. Yesterday (Saturday) I worked for most of the morning/afternoon and in the evening went to the beach while the weather is still nice. During the morning I worked on my Jeppesen, familiarising myself with the layout and highlighting a few bits that will be useful int he exam. Later in the day we went to Whitstable, which is about an hour from where we live. After a really nice walk around the harbour, along the beach and through the town we went for dinner on the way home.

Today is a studying day and as I write this I have Radio Navigation questions in front of me…. looks like a fun day for me! Next week should be a nice easy week with an extra day off (study day) tomorrow and then on Friday Ill be back in London as I have an interview at the US Embassy for my visa application.



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