Week 4 – Mercator, Landing & More Law

PoF HomeworkWe are only 4 weeks into Phase 2 and the exams have started! This week we had Test 2’s (progress tests) in both Radio Nav and Law. Although it is important to perform well in these test they are actually used as an indicator of what you need to focus on going forward. Also, for certain exams, it give you a good indication of how the questions and presented in the EASA exams and how accurate you need to be with calculations and the (many) graphs. Both exams went smoothly and I am performing exactly how I want to be in both subjects but with room for improvement.

Radio Navigation VORThe rest of the week was either continuing the syllabus or going over what we have covered so far in revision sessions. In Gen Nav we looked at the Mercator Chart, which is one of four charts we look at. This includes looking at how the chart is constructed, its scale and basic navigation techniques. In Performance we finished the general principles section of the course, looking specifically at landing. This included looking at factors that effect the lading such as weather, runway surface and runway contamination (i.e. water!). In Mass and Balance we looked at the legal side of the subject, which includes the laws on how much luggage you can take on board and how you determine the weight of passengers. In Flight Planning we finished the MRJT section of the CAP, looking at non-standard flying, including with an engine inoperative or with the landing gear in place.We didn’t cover anything new in Law or Radio Nav due the exam and the debrief that follows.

Jazz FestivalThis week I was a little bit more sociable then i have been over previous weeks; on Wednesday I went up to Upper Heyford for a game of Tennis and on Thursday I went to Newbury to see Fred and Kat fresh from honeymoon!
The weekend was full of revision, however i did manage to take Saturday evening off and me and Amy went to the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival and had a nice dinner out.

Next week I have another 4 test 2’s including Gen Nav, Flight Planning, Ops and Mass and Balance…. the fun doesn’t stop at OAA!


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