Week 3 – Convergence, MRJT & MLS

CRP-5 Wind CalculationAnother week down and we are now a 3rd of the way through phase 2 and only 2 months away from our next round of EASA exams.

I must also apologise for how late this post is coming…. As I’ve pointed out (quite a few times) Phase 2 is incredibly intense and I have found myself running out of time most evenings.

This week was an intense as the last two weeks  with us starting something new in almost every lesson. It is also starting to become evident just how much extra work needs to be done outside of normal lessons to stay on top of the material – its more than for Phase 1!

CBTIn Gen Nav we looked at convergence, convergency angles and departure – all three of these topics would be much easier if the world was flat! In Air Law we started revision for our Test 2 which will follow next week. In Radio Nav we finished looking at ILS and moved on to MLS before squeezing in a few revision lessons. In Performance we continued to look at the basic principles, focusing on the en-route section of flight as well as the approach and landing. In Flight Planning we continued to use our CAP but now with reference to the MRJT (medium range jet transport aircraft – based on the Boeing 737), which is very similar to the work we have done previously with a lot more variables. In Ops we continued to look at the rules for the general day to day running of an airline.

Name badgeOutside of my classroom teaching this week was very uneventful. With Test 2’s around the corner I have been focused on studying rather than having fun – the fun is on hold until November in Phoenix! Next week we will be having our first two tests, Radio Nav and Air Law so fingers crossed they will be ok!


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