Week 2 – Wind, NGM & Visa

Another week down and another step closer to flight training! Phase 2 is incredibly short and to prove it we are now a quarter of the way through the classroom time!

MAN ApproachAfter a crazy first week I felt like I had found my stride much more during this week, and it was a good job because the content was continuing to come at us thick and fast!

In Aircraft Performance we looked at the basic principles of climbing and descending and started looking at en-route performance. In Radio Navigation we continued to work through the different types of radio beacons we will use, including NDB, VOR and we started looking at ILS. In General Navigation we had a crash course in how to use our navigation computer (CRP-5), which can do almost any calculation possible! In Air Law we looked at licensing, which covers the difference between all of the pilots licenses (PPL, CPL and ATPL) and we also looked at the basic rules of the air – which takes us up to our phase 2 progress test, test 2. In Mass & Balance we looked at loading sheets, using the examples we are given in the CAP and how you can manipulate the data to have an optimum CoG position. In Flight Planning we also looked at the CAP, but this time in regards to fuel flow and endurance for a single engine piston aircraft and a multi engined piston aircraft.

This week we also had an introduction to our foundation degree which is run by Bucks New University. The 2 hour session showed us how to log on to the online service where we will submit our work over the course of the next few months. They also talked through the course structure and luckily no work is due while we are still in ground school. We also began our online visa application in preparation for our little holiday in Phoenix at the end of the year. Its exciting to get that started however phoenix still seems a long way away (its only 3 months!).

TrainMy evenings this week were taken up with studying so unfortunately no time for fun! I am really trying to stay on top of the practical parts of the course which ultimately takes up more time than anything I did in Phase 1. At the weekend I popped down to Devon, which gave me a nice change of scenery (a different desk to work at) and a nice trip to the beach!


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