Week 16 (2) – Leave

OAAAfter an intense few months this is the week I have been most excited about – a week off from my books! I had a week of leave after my EASA exams with AP358, however with the problems with my results it turned out to be anything but relaxing. This week was going to be much different!

Saturday was OAA’s 75th Anniversary and with it came a family day at Oxford Airport. This was a great opportunity for me to show Amy around the school – the more exciting parts like sims and aircraft rather than my stuffy classroom. It was a great day and the weather was beautiful. Its nice to see the school and students much more relaxed than I usually do day to day.

HomeSunday was a normal relaxing day, going for a walk and a nice dinner in the evening in Greenwich. The rest of the week I spent catching up with friends. Tuesday I was in Central London, again enjoying the sunshine in one of London’s (many) beer gardens. On Wednesday I continued catching up with friends with a trip to Regents Park – the trip even included a boat trip around the lake. On Thursday I drove up to Leeds for the day for a family visit. Its amazing how tiring 8 hours of driving can be in one day! On Thursday night I got back to London just in time for the incredible thunder storm that made front page news around the country. On Friday I picked Amy up from school and we headed down to Devon for Fred and Kat’s wedding.

A & P WeddingSaturday was wedding day so after a relaxed morning we headed to Torre Abbey in Torquay. We were warned of severe thunderstorms all day but luckily we had sun, sun and even more sun! The whole day was lovely, the ceremony was held it the Abbey and the reception was next door in an old barn (which Kat had made look stunning with the help of the West End). On Sunday we left Devon early in order for me to get back to London pack up all of my stuff and head back to Oxford for the start of Phase 2!


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