Week 13 (2) – Phase 1 School Finals

This week was a big one, School Finals!

CloudsWhen I sat school finals with AP358 my results were good, which made the stakes even higher for these exams. I really wanted to make sure the results were at least similar to last time if not better.
The week went pretty smoothly, on Monday I had Instruments in the morning followed by Aircraft General Knowledge (Systems, Electrics and Engines) and in the afternoon I had Meteorology. On Tuesday I only had one exam, Principles of Flight. I found my confidence was much higher this time in all of the exams (except Met). Also all of the exams seemed much more like EASA standard than they did previously. Following our final exam our results were published and I achieved higher than my previous school finals in every subject (the finalised grades are still to be released as the school are looking at a few queries). Its a relief to have the exams done so that I now have 10 days to completely focus on my EASA exam prep ready for the first exam on July 7th.

Tonight (Friday) I am having a relaxing night – dinner and cinema, after a a whole day of Meteorology (including 3 hours of Altimetry!).



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