Week 12 (2) – AND, OR & NAND

AGKWeek 12 was our final week of Phase 1, which means next week (week 13) is our school finals.
When I was with AP358, week 12 was study leave to prepare for our school finals, however the school have now changed this so that class takes place all the way up until the end of week 12. Also, as the recent bank holidays fell during class time for AP360 we have been slightly further behind in the syllabus.

The school gave us Friday off as independent study which was really useful, if not a little stressful!
The rest of the week was finishing off the remaining subjects; Principles of Flight, Engines and Electrics. The rest of the time was spent doing revision. Piston EnginesRevision sessions vary depending on the instructor. Some instructors ask you to bring questions to the class and they talk you through them. Other instructors start from the beginning of the subject and talk through the whole thing.
Personally I prefer the former….. certain areas are simple and don’t really need extra explanation, however i am incredibly grateful to have any revision session no matter what form it takes.

I drove back to London after class on Thursday, just on time to see England lose to Uruguay 2-1 and subesquently get knocked out of the World Cup after only 2 matches played!

CRP-5The rest of the weekend (including Friday) has been given to revision. I have pretty much spent the whole time focusing on the Oxford question bank, which is much smaller than the Aviation Exam bank that I use to prepare for my EASA exams. The exam schedule for next week is pretty tough with 3 exams in a row on Monday (Instruments, AGK and Meteorology). The final exam, Principles of Flight, is on Tuesday on its own. I then have a day of debriefs on Wednesday before I head back to London for 11 days of study leave before my first EASA on July 7th. Lets hope the sun continues to shine!



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