Week 10 (2) – EFIS, METAR & Combustion Revisited


Another week gone and another step closer to my EASA re-sits on 7th July 2014.

Tropical StormsThis week was much more laid back than the previous week. I ended up with around 8 hours free on the timetable to keep myself on top of the exam preparation.
This week I could feel the pressure mounting for the whole course as we are now only two weeks until school finals (exams are in week 13) and this time I don’t get the week of study leave that I had with AP358. The end is in sight it a lot of subjects and (hopefully) by the end of week 11 we will have finished most things and we will be concentrating on revision lessons.

FMSIn Meteorology we covered a large section of the text book finishing of Fronts and Tropical Storms, we then moved onto Climatology and METARS. Next week we only have TAFFs and Weather Charts led to finish the course. In Aircraft General Knowledge we looked at fire and smoke detection and began to look at fuel systems. We also looked at gas turbine lubrication. In Instrumentation we started engine instruments, looking at ways of detecting pressure and temperature on either a gas turbine or piston engine. We also finished auto flight and even managed to squeeze in a revision lesson. Next week we begin Warnings and Recording, which is the final section of the instrumentation exam. Finally, in Principles of Flight we started to look at high speed flight, where you basically take any theory we have learnt so far and throw it out of the window!

On Tuesday evening I met some of my old course mates for a pizza in Kidlington. It was nice to have some time away from the books and to catch up with how phase 2 is progressing…. it sounds difficult!

After a lot of discussion at school I created a survey to see what aircraft people prefer – its basically an extension of the Boeing v Airbus debate. At the time of writing this (Sunday 8th June) just over 200 people had voted and the results were:

  • Airbus A380 – 43%
  • Airbus A320 – 22%
  • Boeing 777 – 17%
  • Boeing 737 – 9%
  • Other – 9%

Looks like Airbus are leading! The poll is listed below for an last minute votes!




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