Week 9 (2) – IRS & Auto Flight Revisited


This week was my second week with AP360 and I have been feeling more and more settled in as the week progressed. This was also the first time I had a full timetable (8.30am – 4.30pm) for almost 2 months (not including the hours of studying on a night). Being back at school of a different course still feels slightly strange – in some ways everything is exactly the same as it was before my exams and in others ways it is completely different. I am in the same room I was in before, studying the same subjects from the same books although this time I have different instructors and different classmates.

HydraulicsThe whole week was pretty straight forward; we looked at ice protection and oxygen systems in Airframe systems. We began looking at auto flight in Instrumentation, which includes auto pilot and its associated systems (auto throttle, auto land etc…). In Meteorology we looked at fronts and how they effect the weather, mainly in the U.K but also across the world. Finally, In Principles of Flight we looked at flight mechanics.

My evening were pretty much taken up by studying, however I did manage to sneak in a game of tennis on Wednesday with Tommy from my old course. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and we were hit with a sudden downpour about half way through. After 15 mins in the car it seemed to clear so we continued with our game. Although we are encouraged to study as much as possible, and some people do study every spare hour, I do think it is important to take some time off every now and again otherwise I would suffer from cabin fever very quickly!

PoF HomeworkThe weekend was pretty quiet, mainly involving studying for the next round of exams which is only 3 weeks away. I got back to Oxford late Sunday night to find the heating had been switched on at Langford and my room was a toasty 36°C. After leaving the windows wide open all night it was 26°C by the morning – not so bad! This week my timetable is a little less intense with at least 2 hours free every day. Lots of time to study!


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