Week 8 (2) – Deja Vu

Ground School LessonWhen I was looking for a flight school to train for my ATPL I spent a lot of time reading blogs from cadets studying at all of the big training academies. I found them incredibly useful but was also impressed with the honesty of the author. When you are about to embark on such an intense journey a truly honest account of the process is incredibly useful in knowing what you will be faced with. At the beginning of the week I considered ending my blog posts due to me changing courses and redoing some of phase 1. In the end I remembered just how much I valued the honesty and feedback of other cadets who had had the perfect training and others who had been in a similar position to me. So, here we go….. Back to week 8!

Shed A&PAfter a lovely weekend away with friends for Amy’s 30th Birthday it was really tough to go back to Langford at the beginning of the week. I got back late so once I had unpacked it was time for bed with little time to really think about being back. When my alarm went off in the morning it was no different to any other day at COAA – I fell back into my routine like I hadn’t even been away. Once I had made it into school and met my new course mates (AP360) any kind of apprehension disappeared and I was once again focused on my EASA’s.

The week was pretty simple as everything we are now studying I have already done with AP358. In Met we looked at thunder storms, visibility and microbursts, In Instruments we began the inertial navigation system, in Principles of Flight we looked at controls and in Aircraft General Knowledge we looked at the effects of icing on an aircraft and engine combustion chambers.
As I am only studying the subjects I am re-sitting I have a lot of free time to catch up on personal study. That sounds like a great idea however I am finding it quite difficult to motivate myself for so much time. I am sure this will improve as I get closer to my exams in July.

BrightonThis weekend was a bank holiday so I have had an extra day in London. On Friday evening we went to Canary Wharf to continue Amy’s birthday  celebrations for anyone who didn’t make our trip last weekend. On Saturday I spent a lot of the day studying, as well as doing some housework (in the garden of course!). On Sunday we went to Brighton for the day – making the most of the sun before it disappears…

This week (week 9) I have a full timetable with no free time during the day! It will be the first time I have had such a week since I finished phase 1 with AP358 in April.


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