Week 16 – Leave

This post is coming rather late as my week of leave actually became a little bit stressful – certainly not as relaxing as I would have liked!

As I mentioned in my last post I had slightly disappointing results in my exams which were published on Monday. I achieved an average of 79% (just 3% lower than my school finals average), however I did fail 4 exams. In each of the failed exams (Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Meteorology and Instruments) I was only one questions away from passing (between 2% – 3%). Getting these results was pretty gutting especially after such strong school results. On Wednesday I had to go back into school for a meeting about how I will progress with the course. The last thing I wanted was to change courses in order to prepare for my re-sits, however after a bit of thought this seemed like the best option. Ultimately I am at COAA to ultimately get a job as an Airline Pilot and spending an extra few weeks concentrating on the failed exams is much better than trying to juggle 11 subjects in total. Therefore I have now joined AP360 and will continue the course with them.

Olympic Swimming PoolThe rest of the week I tried to keep my mind off of school and make the most of a week off. On Monday my mum and sister came down to London for the day and we went for a walk around the newly opened Olympic park in Stratford. On Tuesday I had lunch with an old theatre friend in London – a great excuse for some afternoon drinking! Wednesday I had my (fun) trip to Oxford. On Thursday I met up with some more friends for what was planned to be a few drinks and turned out to be quite a few (I got home at 2am!).  Friday was the start of Amy’s 30th birthday celebrations in Dorset – 12 of us were there in total. It was a great weekend which consisted of quite a bit of drinking, beach games and cheesy entertainment!

London EyeNow I am back in Oxford preparing to start from week 8.


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