Week 15 – Phase 1 EASA

After 14 weeks of intensive studying this was the week we had been building up to, phase 1 EASA exams.
Phase 1 EASA’s consist of 7 exams; Airframe Systems, Instruments, Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Human Performance, VFR Communications and IFR Communications.

Oxford Aviation AcademyAfter our second week of study leave I went back to Oxford on Bank holiday Monday feeling that I had done as much as I could do for the exams but I didn’t feel massively prepared. As we had never sat an EASA exam before I feel like this was why I didn’t feel so prepared. Tuesday morning was our first exam; Principles of Flight. I left the exam feeling like it was really difficult, which is something the instructors have told us happens with most people after the first EASA. Later that afternoon we had Human Performance which seemed to go a lot better. On Wednesday we only had one exam which was Meteorology. This was by far the hardest exam I have ever sat in my life! As the exams are on computer everyone gets a different exam, which makes it difficult to compare how we found it. From talking to others on my course it seemed like I had a really difficult exam. Thursday was a busy day with Instruments first followed by both Comms papers. Instruments seemed ok with a few tricky elements – quite a lot of questions I hadn’t seen before. Both Comms papers were very straight forward. Finally on Friday we had an early exam; Airframes/Engines/Electrics. Again this exam seemed pretty straight forward and I left feeling relatively confident of my results.

I-Cant-SingFriday night was nice a relaxed evening at home (after a trip to the pub!). On Saturday Amy and I went to see ‘I Cant Sing’ – the X Factor Musical, written by Harry Hill. It was the final night so it turned out to be a very interesting performance (quite a bit of ad-libing from the cast). It is always sad to see that a show is closing in the West End especially as i know first hand just how much works goes into making them work.

I started writing this post over the weekend and ran out of time to finish it. Since I began I have had my results from the CAA. I am disappointed overall with an average of 79% and a few fails which means I will need to rest them in a few weeks.


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