Week 14 – Study Leave 2

This week has been pretty dull in terms of writing a blog post so I’ll keep this one brief.

Me and AmyAfter last weeks school finals we were back on study leave this week preparing for our phase 1 EASA exams in week 15.  The weekend was nice and relaxed! On Saturday I spent the day with Amy trying not to think about studying before I returned to my books for a ‘light’ study session on Sunday. We went for a lovely walk through Oxleys woods to see the newly growing bluebells. In the evening we went for a nice dinner at the O2 in North Greenwich.


Bluebells I went back to Oxford late on Sunday night as we were timetabled for a day of debriefs on Monday. The debriefs were pretty straight forward and were useful to see the areas I need to concentrate on for the next set of exams (and my study leave). The rest of the week was similar to my last study leave; up at 7.30am and studying from 8.30am until 9.30pm. There is a lot more material to get through for the EASA exams so this week has been pretty intense. I have also gone through stages of feeling happy and confident with the exams and feeling like I am going to fail – I guess most people feel the same this close to such important exams. Fingers crossed for a successful week and then I can look forward to my well deserved week of leave!


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