Week 13 – School Finals

This is the week we have been building unto for 3 months, School Finals!

Piper Seneca VThe week began with with the final few days of study leave. Amy and I drove back from Devon on Sunday night (with me doing more studying in the car). Monday and Tuesday were both more of the same – studying! I needed to be back in Oxford on Wednesday to register with the CAA for my e-exams. I left London at 06.30 hoping to get through central London before the start of the congestion charge. The actual registration was very straight forward and only took half an hour. Following registration ‘I went back to Langford for some last minute revision.

Thursday was the first exam day. We had Instrumentation, Airframe Systems and Meteorology. The first two exams went really well, however i didn’t feel very confident with Meteorology. That night I did some final prep for Fridays exams. After Meteorology I wasn’t feeling very confident with the last few exams, which made Thursday evening go very slowly.

On Friday we had Human Performance, Principles of Flight and Comms (VFR & IFR). I left Principles of Flight feeling unconfident again. We have heard from other courses that Met and PoF are the two hardest exams so its no surprise I didn’t feel too confident.

After a short wait we were given our results:

  • Airframe Systems – 81%
  • Meteorology – 75%
  • Instruments – 95%
  • Human Performance – 82%
  • Principles of Flight – 70%
  • VFR Comms – 75%
  • IFR Comms – 88%

This gave me an average of 82%. I am really happy with these grades and I now know exactly where to focus for my EASA exams in week 15. I am now on study leave again for the next week.


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