Week 12 – Study Leave 1

Helicopter at OXFThis week has been very different to any week so far as I have spent most of it on study leave preparing for my school finals.

On Monday we still had four hours of Meteorology to complete so I went back to Oxford on Sunday night as usual, however this time Amy came with me! Th final few hours of Met was really useful. We had a different instructor also as our usual instructor was away on holiday. Having completed the subject and having a different way of explaining things really helped to firm up my knowledge. At the end of the four hours I felt like I was ready for study leave.
As we finished at lunch most of the course got together to go out for lunch. Amy joined us too which was lovely!

M4 SunsetThe rest of the week has been a very strict regime – Up at 7.30, go for a quick walk after breakfast, work from 09.00 – 21.00. This is the most motivated i have ever been whilst studying so hopefully it will pay off next week! As this weekend is a bank holiday Amy wanted to go to Devon to visit her parents so we left London late Thursday. It has been nice to have a change of scenery for a few days (although I am still studying most of the day so i get to see a different desk!). We will be heading back to London tomorrow (Sunday) evening so that i can have a few days (studying) at home before I go back to Oxford for my school finals!

The end of Phase 1 is in sight!



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