Week 11 was our final full week of Ground School Phase 1!
Oxford Aviation Academy tailpainAt the beginning of the week I was expecting a difficult week with lots of cramming, however most of the week was centred around revision. Revision sessions are always reassuring that I actually do know a lot more than I think I do.
By the end of the week we had completed the syllabus in Human Performance, Electrics, Engines, Airframe Systems, Instrumentation, Principles of Flight and Communications. That just leaves us with Meteorology! On Monday (week 12) we have been timetabled for 4 hours of Met, which will complete the syllabus and leave us with over a week of study leave before our school finals in Week 13. We have also found out that due to the new e-exams we are likely to do our finals on the Thursday/Friday instead on Tuesday/Wednesday, which gives us even more time to study!

OXFOn Thursday we had a mock Instruments exam. The main purpose of the exam was for the school to test the new e-exam system but it was incredibly useful for us to see exactly what we would score in our school finals. All in all my result was good and I have a very clear idea of what I need to do to score well in the final exams. On Friday I stayed in Oxford a bit later and picked Amy up in Swindon (on her way back from Devon). I usually don’t end up doing a lot of work on a Friday night so it was good to have 5 hours with noting else to do except study! On Saturday (yesterday), after a full day of studying Amy and I went to celebrate Frances and Jimmy’s engagement at a lovely little pub in Islington. It is always nice to have something planned for a Saturday night or I would probably spend the whole evening with my nose in a  text book!

Tomorrow (Monday) is our final day of Phase 1. As I’m only back for the morning Amy is going to come with me and then (hopefully) we will have a nice lunch with the rest of my course mates.


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