Week 10 – GPWS, Props, Mechanics

This post is coming a little late due to a rather crazy weekend. I am actually in the middle of week 11 at the moment but I will leave most of that to the next post.

PA SenecaWeek 10 saw us wrap up even more subjects as we start to finish phase 1. The week was pretty straight forward with not a lot to report unfortunately. By the end of the week if we hadn’t finished a subject we only have a few hours to go, which means all but Met will be finished next week (week 11). We are also planning a mock Instruments exam next week, mainly to test the new computer exam system, which we are the first course to use. This will also be a great way to check progress with just under two weeks until school finals (3 and a half weeks until EASA’s).

Over the weekend I worked most of Saturday and then went to a 30th Birthday party in Canary Wharf in the evening. It was a great evening and a really nice opportunity to spend some time with Amy without having a book and highlighter near by! On Sunday I wasn’t feeling too good so had a more relaxing day – although I was still working!

Next week we are set to finish off phase 1 and then we are (hopefully) getting a week of study leave before our school finals.


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