Week 9 – FMS, EFIS, IRS

Another week complete and another step closer to the phase 1 EASA exams.

Meteorology lessonThis week has seemed much more relaxed than any other week we have had so far, which is strange considering we are now only a few weeks away from our school finals. I think this is mainly due to the fact we have had 11 hours of CBT this week and have finished at 15:15 on most days.  I am finding CBT much more helpful than i did at first, especially when it is supported with classroom teaching.

A lot of the subjects we covered this week were much more relevant to modern aviation than previous weeks. Most notably Instruments where we looked at the Auto Pilot and Flight Management System (FMS). In Airframes we looked at emergency equipment, such as life rafts and emergency slides. In Principles of Flight we looked at manoeuvre limits, which basically gives you the G limits you can place on the aircraft whilst manoeuvring. In engines we looked at the reverse thrust, ignition system and APU for a gas turbine engine. In Meteorology we looked at depressions and tropical storms, one of the few Met subjects that I actually found interesting. We have now finished the syllabus for Human Performance and Electrics so we are now moving into revision – which is great with 3 weeks to go!

CBT QuestionTuesday was our usual pizza night in Kidlington. This week most of the course joined us, which was nice to have a break from our usual classroom antics.
On Thursday I went out for dinner with a few of my course mates, again it was nice to have some time away from the books.

This weekend is mostly given to studying, even though it has been beautiful weather in London today. Tomorrow afternoon I am heading to Salisbury (on my way back to Oxford) as it is Amy’s Aunts 70th Birthday!


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