Week 8 – Ice, Ice & De-Icing

AP358 Casual

We are now 2 months into the APP course and more importantly just 6 weeks from our Phase 1 EASA’s.

PoF HomeworkDuring the week we started two new subjects; Auto Flight – which falls under the instrumentation exam and Communications – which is split into two exams. Comms is pretty straight forward but forms the backbone of all communication whilst in the air (and on the ground). Auto Flight is really interesting! It is all about auto pilot and the way a pilot can automate many actions during flight to reduce the workload. This forms a large section of the Instruments paper so is quite important!

This week there is not much to report on other subjects, in most cases we continued with the topics we had started in the previous week. The exceptions are Meteorology where we looked at the effects of icing on an aircraft and in Airframes we also looked the effects of airframe icing and how it can be prevented.
In most subjects I can now see the end approaching, which is a relief as we’re getting closer to Phoenix but it is also quite scary as I don’t feel ready for the approaching exams.

On Tuesday we had our usual pizza night, this time most of the class decided not to come due to the ever increasing work load and I must admit I was tempted to give it a miss however I just can’t face the Langford kitchens too many times a week! On Wednesday we had a football match against the CBR course. It was great fun, although it did get a bit competitive at times. It was great to spend some time with another course, especially a course that started at the same time as us!  This week we also had another course photo taken which has turned out much better than the previous one.

Ray-Ban CaseLast weekend I went into London to pick up my new Ray-Ban Aviators from the Ray-Ban shop in Covent Garden. These sunglasses were my birthday present from a few different people. Now that I have my Aviators I feel like the pilot uniform is almost complete (it will be complete once I have gold epaulettes).

This weekend I spent all of Saturday revising and then had a nice evening in front of the TV with a beer! It is amazing just how little TV I watch now I am spending almost every hour of every day studying. Today (Sunday) me and Amy met friends in Blackheath for a sunday roast. It was lovely to catch up and have some time, albeit brief, away from the books!

AP358 Final


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