Week 7 – Clouds, Gas Turbines & Air Conditioning

AP358 Course Photo 1

We are now firmly into the second half of phase 1 and becoming closer to the dreaded EASA exams. After last weeks exams  and a relatively relaxing weekend, this week returned to the usual high quantity of work in  a small amount of time. We also started 2 ‘new’ subjects this week; Gas Turbine Engines and AC Electrics.

CloudsGas turbines seem much more relevant to my career as these (jet engines) are found on most modern air transport aircraft. The engines are very similar to a turbine engine therefore, so far, quite a lot of the theory is transferable. AC Electrics is also pretty straight forward, although it appears aircraft use AC electricity much more than DC, so I am expecting it to be a bit more complex.
In Meteorology we moved on to look at Clouds, Precipitation and Thunder Storms. Again this seems much more relevant as these are all real dangers facing all airline pilots. In Airframes we looked at pressurisation and air conditioning. In Instruments we moved onto Gyro Navigational Instruments, which I actually found really interesting – I know, I’m a geek! In Human Performance we looked at sleep, which now justifies me having a lie in every weekend! Finally, in Principles of Flight we looked at flight mechanics.

Boing posterI decided to use my evenings this week to start going through questions in preparation for my EASA exams and therefore had little time to socialise outside of the classroom. I did manage to enjoy the improving weather on a few evenings, walking into Kidlington before settling down with my books for the evening. On Thursday we had our course photo taken, in the fog (see above). Unfortunately there are a few problems with the picture so we are hoping to have it retaken this week with better weather!

Dominating most conversations this week has been the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines, Boeing 777, flight MH370. I keep being asked for my opinion on what I think happened and every time I say the same thing. Until the aircraft has been found and the flight data analysed it is impossible to say what happened. Right now there are many theories and speculations circulating about what happened but currently they are nothing more than a theory. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will know more, however as with the Air France crash (447) it could take years before we truly know what happened.


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