Week 6 – Test 1

It has been another straight forward week at COAA. This week we had our first progress exams, Test 1.

Late night revisionThe tests monitor our progress over the first 5 weeks to see if we are heading in the right direction. Overall I did OK in the exams with two not going so well! After debriefing each subject it is clear where I need to put in the extra work. All-in-all it is a positive process!
I have now registered for an online question bank which will help me with my revision and also get me used to the types of questions I will get in my EASA exams in May.

We all decided to go for a few drinks on Wednesday evening following our final exam. It was a great evening and a nice opportunity for the whole course to get together without having revision looming over us. On Thursday it was happy hour at school; an opportunity for us to welcome the new course and a celebration for the two courses that had just finished exams.

Birthday CardMonday was my birthday – a great week for a birthday! The class got me a card and a birthday cake. We didn’t eat the cake until Wednesday night once exams were over and we could truly enjoy it!

The work continues next week as we continue with the subjects we started before Test 1’s with the addition of AC Electrics and Gas Turbine Engines.


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