Week 5 – Revision

Gulfstream II

Not a massive amount to report on this week in comparison to previous weeks. As next week, week 6, is our first exams (Test 1’s) most of this week was given to revision. By the end of the week we had reached the test 1 limits of each subject and even finished the entire DC Electrics and Piston Engines syllabus. That mess that next week, following our exams, we will start AC Electrics and Gas Turbine (Jet) Engines – both subjects carry a much higher waiting in the EASA exams than DC and Pistons.

Tuesday night was our usual Pizza night and Vicky’s birthday, so probably the first time most of the group were out together. The evening also contained the usual drunken mess that we’ve had in previous weeks.

During the week Larry Flynt flew into the airport on his private jet (a jet black Gulfstream II) – You can tell it has been a quiet week if a plane landing at an airport is classed as noteworthy! It is great to be in an environment with so many professional pilots around, it keeps us motivated through the ever growing mountain of books and studying.

As i said previously, next week is our Test 1’s, Monday is also my birthday! We are planning to go out as a group once the exams are over which will be like a belated birthday party!

Private Jet at OXF

P.S. Hi Dan!


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