Week 3 – QNH, QFE, QFF

Another week has finished and this one was the toughest week so far!

Langford MapOnce our timetable for the week was published we could see this week was going to be catch up week. At COAA the ground instructors have a rough guideline of how many hours you should complete each week in each subject, however sometimes they can’t always fit in the hours they need to and as a result you end up with a timetable like ours for week 3. Our catch up consisted of 9 hours of Principles of Flight and 8 hours of Meterology! Having 8/9 hours of any subject in a week is difficult due to to sheer amount of work you cover, especially in subjects like Met and PoF which are relatively complex. The key (as always) is to stay on top of the workload every week!

We didn’t just study Met and PoF this week, we also had the usuals; Piston Engines, DC Electric, Airframe Systems and Flight Instruments.

HydraulicsIn Flight Instruments we finished looking at pressure instruments and started to look at the compass, which meant a nice lesson on magnetism. We also looked at magnetism in DC Electrics as we started the chapter on generators – which is not too different to my degree! Meteorology covered humidity and turbulence, subjects that i think may crop up on a regular basis for the rest of my career. In Piston Engines we looked at the problems of ice build up in an engine and mixture control – keeping the aircraft running as economical as possible (as our instructor keeps pointing out – We are not doing this for fun, its for profit!). And finally in Airframe Systems we continued to look at aircraft hydraulics and began to look at landing gear.

Love BugsTuesday was our usual pizza night, this time we joined AP357 (the course above us). Its nice to start getting to know other courses, especially the courses that we will be in Phoenix with towards the end of the year. On Thursday most of the group went to a cinema on the other side of Oxford to see “That Awkward Moment”. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the film! On my way back to London on Friday I got stuff for me and Amy to have a nice Valentines dinner together – a dinner which included lots of catching up on our week. Yesterday (Saturday) me and Amy went for a nice long walk before going our for dinner in the evening. Last night we watch “Silver Linings Playbook” – a great film! Today is study day, getting onto of everything from last week.
On Friday AP359 start, which means we are no longer the new course!

Ramp Aircraft


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