Welcome to Oxford!

The day has finally arrived! Thursday 23rd January – time to move to Oxford!

After a releasing morning at home getting my things together I left London at 2.30pm for my 2 hour drive to Oxford. I had no idea what to expect of my halls of residence as I have a) never stayed in halls before and b) missed the tour of the halls during my COAA interview. Langford Halls are located on the main London Oxford Airport site, so the first thing you see (and hear) are the planes leaving the airport. The halls are very basic, my room consists of a bed, fridge, sink, desk,  wardrobe and drawers. The whole ethos of the site is based around study – its currently 11.00pm and you can hear a pin drop anywhere on site.

This evening I met with 10 of my course mates to have dinner at a pub in the local village, Kidlington. It was lovely to meet everyone ahead of what is going to be a daunting day tomorrow and the start of our epic 18 month journey to ATPL.


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